How to cure herpes in bitlife?

Some diseases are detected through actions such as one-night stands and encounters. These diseases can also be transmitted to other people. This can cause the player's spouse to contract the player's illness and cause an argument. Examples include gonorrhea, genital herpes, HIV, chlamydia, and hepatitis B.

Having many of these symptoms and not curing them will make you unlucky. Dying from HIV when your character is under 30 and has had very few one-night stands could make him unlucky. If you contract an STD through an encounter, sometimes a lover may argue with you in favor of transmitting it, even though technically you never transmitted the STD to him. If you do 10 threesomes and give them to people, someone can offer a cure and it may work, but sometimes it kills you.

Children can also be diagnosed with lactose intolerance, which is difficult to cure but won't affect their health. Players report several ways to get rid of genital herpes on BitLife, but visiting a warlock is the only consistent method that has proven to work for us. They are difficult to cure and treatments are usually ineffective in healing, but they can help the character live longer and improve their health a little. To get rid of genital herpes in BitLife, there is a logical solution: you have to visit the witcher, of course.

When depressed or anxious, happiness is more difficult to achieve and the character will have to go very high to heal from it. However, the developer has eliminated this path for one reason or another, probably because it's much more fun to punish players for their behavior by putting them at risk of suffering some adverse side effects from a sorcerer's cures. If the character is a minor, he may have a chance to have the doctor cure him, since they cannot visit other doctors and cannot go on vacation on their own. However, there is a cure, and you'll want to get it sooner rather than later if you plan to live a promiscuous life.

Some of the extreme cases in which players have reported a cure for genital herpes as a result, or unless treatment is offered, include having 10 threesomes in a lifetime, drinking sparkling liquids several times and eating ant feces. Previously, the solution included the use of modern medicine, but that way of treating genital herpes was later removed from the game, making the witcher the only solution right now. I just found out that Cobra Venom cures HIV but it kills you if you don't have it, I discovered it by seeking the help of the sorcerer, without realizing that he is telling you what treatment you are receiving, taking a double dose of cobra venom and killing the character of my godfather, Johnny Bumcurrent, and having to continue as his boring 45-year-old son of an IT technician. After the school upgrade, the school nurse can treat minor illnesses and ailments for free, but she won't completely cure most of them.

Other cases include gender dysphoria, which can appear randomly; unlike all other diseases, there is no way to cure gender dysphoria by normal means, since none of the doctors and nurses can classify gender dysphoria as a disease and, over time, your character will constantly feel that their gender is incorrect as you age.